Caring for Roses

Caring for Roses: Factors to Consider

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Roses never fail to make anyone feel good and loved. They have this mysterious beauty that sends a magical feeling to everyone who sees them. However, most people often think that roses are among those plants that are hard to grow and maintain. But what they do not know is that when it comes to caring for roses, they only need to follow these simple steps for them to plant, grow, and maintain their very own rose plants right at their own garden.

Caring for Roses


Caring for roses requires several factors that need to be addressed to properly by the grower or gardener to achieve desired results. These have to be considered if one wants to grow his own rose plants.


Water is one of the many needs of plants. And just like every other plant, roses also need water in order to grow and always look at their best. Watering them regularly helps keep their soil moist. It is a must that at least an inch of water is provided to each rose plant every week. This prevents the soil from becoming dry. Dry surface makes it hard for the roses’ roots to penetrate deeply beneath the soil. Their roots have the ability to grow down beyond the sub-soil. This is the reason why roses can withstand episodes of droughts. On the other hand, if roses receive little or limited amount of water in a week, their roots will not be able to penetrate the ground, resulting to shallow growth and inability to put up with dry spells.


Fertilizer is another factor that should be well thought-out when caring for roses. Most of the time, people would think that fertilizing roses so often will make their plants grow faster and healthier. But this is a common misconception that every rose plant grower should know. As long as roses are planted on good soil, they do not need so much fertilizing like other plants would require. Over fertilizing of rose plants may lead to dependence, suppression of beneficial organisms such as bugs, and even death. Fertilizers should be given in small amounts over a period of time. Fertilizing roses during spring, summer, and winter seasons must also be carefully planned and applied as the right type and amount of fertilizers may vary depending on the time of year. It is advised that rose plant owners should opt for organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers, such as composts and manures, promote bacterial and fungal decomposition within the soil making it become even more prolific. However, inorganic fertilizers can also be given to rose plants as long as they are properly mixed and given in right proportions.


Caring for roses may also require pruning. Some may overlook the advantage of pruning, but this process is very important as it promotes growth of new and healthy rose buds. Pruning involves removal of dead and diseased parts of rose plants using pruning tools such as long handled Loppers. Aside from allowing air circulation and encouraging growth of rose plants, pruning helps keep roses in perfect shape. It is usually done during spring season as this is the time when new buds bloom and grow.


Watering, fertilizing, and pruning are just three basic factors that every rose grower has to carefully consider when caring for roses. These do require commitment, persistence, and hard work. But everything will be paid off once those roses grow and bloom beautifully.  Like they say, “every rose has its thorn”, that after all the blood and sweat invested in caring for these plants, they will reward you with their majestic petals and scent that speak only of true beauty and elegance.


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